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For Families 

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Boost UP
www.boostup.org – Offers strategies for communicating with your children, being aware of warning signs, and creating routines, pre-written boostup messages to text to your child encouraging them, provides network of support to keep kids focused on graduating

Discovery Education
www.discoveryeducation.com – this site provides homework help in all content areas and links to other content area sites

Education Development Center
www.edc.org – focused on improving education and health worldwide

www.eduguide.org –  includes a library of articles for parents that can be filtered by topic and age, tool for asking questions and receiving advice from others

Family Education
www.familyeducation.com – this website provides information based on three age brackets 0-6, 7-11, and 12-18.  Has message boards parents, information on health issues, tips for parents, and other resources
(Parent blogs – blogs.familyeducaitonl.com)

Families and Advocate Partnership for Education
www.fape.org --  a site aimed at helping to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities.  Links to information about the Inidviduals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).  Information on research about best practices and links to other groups

Great Schools
www.greatschools.net – this site is loaded with information including the developmental milestones for children of various ages, information on learning disabilities, improving schools, and sections for the various levels of schooling

The Hamilton Fish Institute on School and Community Violence
www.hamfish.org -- provides information, research, and support on school safety and developing a positive school community

www.middleweb.com/ParntInvl.html -- a very comprehensive web site that addresses various areas of the middle school experience.  Includes articles on parent involvement and involving parents at the middle grades. Hosts links to many other resources aimed at getting families involved in middle schools. 

National Center for Fathering Program
www.fathers.com -- a web site for dads.  Information regarding fathering different age children and looks at different fathering perspectives (e.g., step-dad, divorced dad, adoptive dad, traveling dad).  Find out about the WATCH D.O.G.S. program.

National Character Education Center
www.ethicsusa.com -- focused on character education.  Has a separate section of links/resources for parents connected to this topic.

National Coalition for Parent Involvement (NCPIE)
www.ncpie.org -- a coalition of major education, community, public service and advocacy organizations working to create meaningful family-school partnerships. Offers many additional links and has a strong section for families of children with disabilities.

National Middle School Association
www.nmsa.org – several great articles that discuss young adolescents and their characteristics can be found under the tab, Month of the Young Adolescent, Plan Your Celebration, PR Resources

National Parent Teacher Association
www.pta.org – not only does this website offer information about the PTA organization but also information about a number of topics of interest to parents (e.g., child safety, student safety, health and wellness, educational funding) and an online newsletter

Great Schools
www.greatschools.net – a site geared for parents with parent-to-parent discussion topics, sections on improving your child’s school, great parenting, and learning disabilities, grade-by-grade information

Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence
www.prichardcommittee.org – the Prichard Committee is a citizens’ group working to improve education in Kentucky whose website features the latest news on education in Kentucky and who sponsors the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership

Project Appleseed
-- geared to parents and focused on three areas of information: parent organizing, nutrition and fitness, and green for schools.

The Public School Parent Network
www.psparents.net – a site designed and maintained by parents of public school children to serve as an information source and reference guide for all parents, addresses education issues, and provides a forum for sharing opinions and expressing the parent perspective

www.scholastic.com – the website of a publisher with a lot of information for parents with a section focused on the middle grades, tips, resources for homework, guide to parent involvement, and parent blogs

School Family
www.schoolfamily.com – an interesting site with information for all age groups in education, had advice on communicating with teachers, how to maximize on your child’s learning styles, information on getting involved in schools, Internet safety, and many other topics

www.thinkfinity.org – a strong parent section with valuable educational information, subject matter background, book lists, homework help information, maps, and other helpful parent resources